Everything you need to sell online in one comprehensive software package

  • Collect orders from all of your channels, including Amazon, eBay and many more
  • Control your stock and synchronise across all your marketplaces and websites
  • Produce sales documentation and labels quickly and easily
  • Automate purchasing decisions and minimise Back Orders

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All the software you'll ever need

Whether you’re a startup or an established online retailer, our 3ex.net Lite product will bring all of your business processes together, helping you to take control and maximise your businesses potential.

With no limits on order volumes (3ex.net has been proven to manage over 50,000 orders in a single day in a live environment) and with a vast range of functionality available to you, it's the only software platform you'll ever need.

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Marketplace Integration

Dynamic Marketplace Management

Channels & Marketplaces

Link up your channels and let 3ex.net Lite list your products, maintain stock availability, download your orders and communicate with your customers.

Automate Your Sales Orders

Order Management

All orders are analysed by the system to ensure only those that are ready to be dispatched are released to your Pickers. Those which are held back are neatly segmented into different areas so that you can easily see which orders require attention and why.

Integrated stock control

Integrated Stock Control

Stock Control and Warehouse Management

As well as maintaining stock availability across all of your channels and marketplaces, 3ex.net Lite will also help you to identify exactly where your stock is within your business, no matter how many stores or item locations you may need.

Get it Delivered

Carrier Integration

3ex.net Lite integrates directly with most UK carrier systems, allowing you to automatically produce Labels and Manifests without the need for any 3rd party software.



Product Management

Maintain all your product content including Web Copy, Variants and Pricing.



Integrate with your own website, or take advantage of the 3ex.net Web Platform



Extensive analysis of your sales, stock and delivery performance.


Supply Chain Management

Automate Purchasing decisions and control Receipt and Invoicing.


Drop Ship Management

Automatically create Purchase Orders and get your Suppliers to do the rest.


Fulfilled By Amazon

Let 3ex.net Lite manage your FBA Processes

Amazon Re-Pricing Engine

Stay ahead of the competitiion. 3ex.net can automatically re-price your Amazon listings within tolerances you specify.

Mobile Warehouse Management

Eliminate Picking Errors with Mobile 3ex.net Lite


Comprehensive Finance Module

LITE has enabled me to follow my dream of setting up my own ecommerce business. With stock, purchasing and order processing under control, I can focus on scaling my business at a pace I never thought possible.
Matt Banks


Burble Baby has won a Gold award from Mumpreneur UK for best web site! So well done everyone and thanks for all your help! Hurray!
Karen Grunstein


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