Amazon Re-Pricing

Stay Ahead On Price! Lite will constantly monitor the products you are selling on Amazon. Where a competitor selling the same product changes their price, the system will automatically adjust your selling price, to ensure you are competitive as possible.

This is of course all controlled by tolerance levels that you set yourselves. Even if you can't beat a competitors' price, the system will ensure you are selling your product at the lowest price you can afford. Should you be selling an item at the best price, the system will ensure you're not selling it cheaper than you need too.

Don't Sell For Too Little!

Where competitors stop selling their items, you can occasionally be caught out as Amazon does not send out notifications. Our Advanced Pricing feature accomodates for this.

In a nutshell...

  • Intelligent Product Re-Pricing for Amazon Channels
  • Easy to understand tolerances
  • Prices monitored constantly and updated almost immediately

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