Channels & Marketplaces

Keep Your Channels Up To Date Lite allows you to manage sales and stock availability across all of your channels. Integrating directly with marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Rakuten, Lite will manage:

  • Listing of products and updating channel product details
  • Maintaining stock availability across all of your channels
  • Downloading sales orders
  • Automatically update sales order dispatch status

Once your channels have been linked up the rest is largely seamless. Focus on maintaining your product content and let the system manage updates to your channels for you.

As well as marketplaces, Lite can also integrate with 3rd party websites, such as Shopify, Wordpress, OpenCart etc. Or you could take advantage of the web platform for a truly integrated solution.

Get Started Quickly

If you already have products listed on channels and marketplaces, Lite will use these details to help you create products quickly and easily.

In a nutshell...

  • Manage product listings
  • Maintain stock availability across all of your channels
  • Automatically download orders
  • Automatically upload dispatch status updates

Ready to get started? Built to handle orders from start to finish, it’s all the software you’ll ever need...