Drop Ship / Direct Dispatch Order Management

Ship Direct From Your Suppliers

The practice of 'drop ship' or 'direct dispatch' order management, whereby suppliers are instructed to dispatch items directly to the consumer, is becoming more and more commonplace. This is not always an easy process to manage.

Fortunately, 3ex.net Lite has an in-built drop ship management system that can help you to keep on top this process.

As you create SKU's on 3ex.net Lite you can flag them as being 'drop ship direct from supplier'. As an order is taken with a drop ship item on it, the drop ship item is split off into its own order, allowing you to dispatch any stock items the customer may require.

The system will use the supplier specified against the product to automatically create a purchase order. This purchase order will be intrinsically linked to the drop ship sales order.

So, as you receive confirmation from the supplier that they have dispatched an item, you process the purchase order in the system to a dispatched drop ship purchase order area. This in turn will automatically manage the processing of the sales order to the dispatched / invoiced area of the system, allowing you to keep track on exactly which drop ship orders have been dispatched and which are still outstanding.

The Supplier Portal and EDI

For more advanced drop shipping requirements, suppliers can access a portal, allowing them to confirm the dispatch of items on-line. This automatically processes the drop ship sales / purchase orders in the back office, minimising the need for manual intervention.

Alternatively, many 3ex.net users adopt EDI as a means of both sending purchase orders to Suppliers and receiving dispatch confirmation updates.

In a nutshell...

  • Automatically produces purchase orders
  • Track and manage all drop ship activity

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