Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

Manage Your FBA File Submissions

As you create Products on the 3ex.net Lite system you can flag them as being Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). If you only outsource a fraction of your stock items to FBA, simply flag the relevant items SKU's and the system will manage the rest.

As an order is taken via any of your Channels and Marketplaces, where an item on the order is marked as FBA, it will be split from the rest of the order and managed separately.

The FBA orders will then automatically be pushed to Amazon for fulfilment. The system will know when Amazon has dispatched the goods and will automatically move the order through to your Dispatched / Invoiced area, so that you can easily keep track.

Fulfilled By Amazon Fulfilled By 3ex.net Lite

3ex.net Lite negates the need for users to manually upload / download files to and from FBA. All order processing is managed the system saving time and reducing error.

In a nutshell...

  • Manages all your FBA Items
  • Clearly see status of FBA orders

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