Mobile Warehouse Management Software

Stock Accuracy Through Barcode Tracking

The Lite mobile warehouse management software allows you to track all stock movements within your warehouse, ensuring stock accuracy and all but eliminating human error.

Using a PDA to confirm stock locations and Product Barcodes, users can carry out the following activities:

  • Stock receipting and reconciliation
  • Stock put away
  • Stock replenishments
  • Sales order picking
  • Stock take
  • Stock enquiries

This software has been proven to speed up the picking process whilst eliminate errors. Linked directly to your Lite system, all activities are carried out "on-line", so there's no need to dock and upload changes.

All Warehouse Activites In the Palm Of Your Hand Lite mobile WMS is packed with features that help increase efficiency within your warehouse, reduce costs and returns.

In a nutshell...

  • Eliminate picking errors
  • 100% stock accuracy
  • Manage all warehouse activities

Ready to get started? Built to handle orders from start to finish, it’s all the software you’ll ever need...