Sales Order Management

Automate Your Order Management Lite sales order management automates decision making processes to help you focus on those orders which are available to dispatch.

For example, as an order is brought into the system will analyse the stock position to ensure the order can be fulfilled. If sufficient stock is not available the order will be moved to a back order area.

Back orders can be reported on or used to automatically create purchase orders. As stock is receipted, the system will allocate stock to the back orders, releasing them for picking, without the need for any manual intervention.

When orders are available for dispatch, you'll easily be able to print off dispatch documentation and labels. Where required, the system can generate bulk picking lists, which can be split into batches for single line orders, next day deliveries etc.

As orders are dispatched, they are confirmed on the system helping you to keep track of outstanding orders. If needed, multiple dispatch stations can be set up, with carrier labels etc printing to specific printers, depending on the station being used to dispatch the order.

Customise Your Sales Order Process

We recognise that all businesses do things a little differently so, if needed, documentation, labels and picking / packing processes can be customised to suit your needs.

In a nutshell...

  • Documentation production
  • Back order management
  • Bulk picking lists
  • Dispatch management

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