Supply Chain Management

Keep Track Of Your Purchasing

The Lite supply chain management module allows you to keep a track on all of your purchasing activity.

Purchase orders can be automatically generated based on current stock position, back orders and re-order levels. This is ideal for back to back purchasing. Alternatively, orders may have been generated for drop ship transactions or consumables. Lite makes it easy to see which PO's have been issued to a supplier and when they are expected to be delivered. As a purchase order is receipted, the receipting process is simple and straightforward and normally managed directly by the warehouse operative.

If required, receipted purchase orders can be reconciled against incoming purchase invoices, to ensure you have received everything you are being asked to pay for.

Intelligent Stock Forecasting Lite contains an advanced stock forecasting and demand planning module which can be used to automatically generate purchase orders based on projected future sales. This module has been proven to significantly reduce both back orders and overstocks.

In a nutshell...

  • Track all purchasing activity
  • Automatically produce purchase orders
  • Stock receipting
  • Purchase invoice management

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